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Here's how MURE helps grow your real estate business


Create Your MURE Listing

Your MURE listing page will show up for relevant searches on top search engines and includes a quality backlink to your main website, making it easy to use as your primary or secondary website.

Real Estate Agent Listing and Advertising
Realtor SEO

Improve Search Results (SEO)

MURE listings are SEO rich and include a link back to your main website, helping both your MURE listing and website move higher, and appear more often, for relevant local searches.


Co-Branded Local Advertising

We advertise your name and headshot all over your local area on social media, local websites, and national websites. Aligning your brand with ours has shown to build credibility and authenticity with home buyers and sellers.

FB Ads for realtors
Advertising for Realtors

MURE Branded Advertising

You benefit from Move Up Real Estate ads that run in your local area promoting "Move Up Real Estate featured agents". All clicks on these ads land on geo-specific pages randomized with you and fellow agents in the area.


SEO rich shareable content

As a member of Move Up Real Estate, you’ll be featured in at least one of our unique blog posts where you can show off your local expertise or real estate knowledge. These content pieces build your SEO and are easily shareable on your social media.

Local SEO for Realtors

Video Advertising & SEO

We design custom videos about you and your brand and advertise them to buyers and sellers in your area on YouTube, Facebook and more. Best of all, your videos become valuable SEO assets on search engine results pages.


MURE Branded Search Ads

All MURE agents are included in our advertising on top search engines like Google and Bing. We advertise to buyers and sellers who land on geo-specific pages containing your profile where they can become a lead.

Search Ads for Realtors
Reputation Management for Realtors

Positive review generation & feedback

When someone leaves a good review on your MURE listing, they will automatically be provided links to off-site profiles (FB, GMB, etc.) to leave more good reviews. Bad reviewers are asked for feedback that’s sent to you.

Let’s work together to build your business

Customize Your Listing

Your Move Up Real Estate listing profile is a website in itself or an extension to your primary website. Design your profile how you want to show off your personality and stand out on geographic search pages. Utilize great features buyers and sellers love, like direct messaging, click to call buttons, social profile links, and more. The possibilities are up to you.

Easily Connect With Clients

Our listing pages allow potential clients to easily contact you via their preferred method - phone, form, direct message, social media, or your main website. All messages are saved in your dashboard and you can choose your preferred method of contact too. You’re never far from a conversation with a buyer or seller with Move Up Real Estate.

Get Access To Powerful Marketing

While you may not have the time, budget, or know-how to setup a local marketing funnel in your sphere, we take care of that for you. By giving you a mix of personalized, branded advertising and co-branded MURE advertising, you benefit from the latest marketing techniques that move buyers and sellers to your listing. All without lifting a finger or breaking the bank.

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Join the thousands real estate agents who work with Move Up Real Estate across the country.


Get listed with Move Up Real Estate and build the real estate business you always wanted

Move Up Real Estate provides the tools you need to reach new clients by improving your online presence as well as increasing your reach online through creative and effective advertising.

  • Personalized Agent Listing
  • SEO Tools & Backlinks
  • Search Engine Results Boost
  • Instant Lead System
  • Local Video Advertising
  • Local Facebook Advertising
  • Local Search Advertising
  • Personalized SEO Content
  • Custom MURE Video Feature
  • Shareable Social Content
  • Co-Branded National Advertising
  • Co-Branded Local Advertising
  • Review Generation Tool
  • Review Screener Tool
  • Direct Message Conversations
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Move Up Real Estate Listing

$ 80/mo
Billed Annually
  • Personalized Agent Listing
  • SEO Tools & Backlinks
  • Local Video Advertising
  • Local Facebook Advertising
  • Local Search Advertising
  • Personalized SEO Content
  • Review Generation Tool
  • ...And Lots More
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Move Up Real Estate listing includes local advertising, co-branded advertising, local SEO features, and content marketing features. All for a single yearly membership and there’s no extra budget required.
The average agent on Move Up Real Estate receives about 10,000 local impressions a month and benefit from an additional 10,000 co-branded impressions a month.
Using a unique mix of personal brand, co-branded, and geographic advertising, we generate local buyers and sellers to your listing. Utilizing our SEO rich website, your individual listing and geographic listings will generate leads from top search engines. All listings on MURE rotate randomly for every visitor, giving each agent an opportunity to generate a lead.
Never. We don’t allow any agent to purchase positions, neighborhoods, or cities, allowing every agent to have an opportunity to earn a lead from any organic traffic.
Leads are free, you only pay for your Move Up Real Estate listing. Any leads you generate are real estate leads with no upfront cost and there’s also no hidden fees or commissions on closed deals.

Other websites generate a lot of traffic wanting to view listings properties. Then they allow a few agents or brokerages to pay to dominate certain area or cities who pay for higher rankings or for leads or fees on commissions.

Move Up Real Estate focuses on fairness and opportunity to all agents. No one can pay to rank higher or “own” a geographic location. There are no fees or commissions for leads and subsequent sales.

We focus on "off-site", high quality traffic through local advertising and SEO to land more visitors directly on agent pages. While we are an agent listing site, we don’t use property listings as a main draw, but instead focus on capturing traffic interested in choosing the right agent. All realtor listings are rotated randomly for each visitor to a geographic search page to provide equal opportunities for leads.

Yes. Your listing page comes with a unique URL, robust features, and more to make it capable of functioning as your website. Some agents choose to use it as their main website while others like the SEO improvements it brings to their main website as a secondary website. You can upgrade to a custom URL by emailing support.
Move Up Real Estate offers listing pages with robust features making it easy to use as a website, or secondary website. The easy and intuitive setup make it fun to design your listing and utilize the robust features that all real estate agents need.
Part of joining Move Up Real Estate is the benefit of improved SEO through a quality backlink, content marketing, and video search results. Your listing is SEO rich and can include a link to your main website. Our techniques make your web properties show up higher and more often on search engine results pages for branded and local queries.
Yes, we will provide example ads from other real estate agents and show you custom pieces designed just for you if you email us a request.