5 Real Estate Lead Generation Marketing Ideas

There’s more to digital marketing as a real estate agent than setting up social media profiles and designing a website. There are real opportunities online to make money as an agent, but it goes beyond posting on a Facebook page or responding to the occasional email. With a solid strategy your real estate lead generation marketing could be bringing in leads, even while you sleep! You could start seeing results in less than 24 hours with little to no budget using these simple ideas.


All-in-one Local SEO for Real Estate Agents

If you’ve maximized your local SEO strategies or feel overwhelmed by the amount of work, our might be a good fit for you. They provide real estate agents with done-for-you local SEO strategies that include:

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If you don’t have a website Move Up Real Estate provides one on top of local SEO, local advertising, and client communication tools. Great for new or experienced agents.

Capture Real Estate Leads On Your Website

First and foremost, your website must be setup to capture and retain information from the traffic you are about to gain to your website from later ideas in this writing. Without telling visitors to your site what action you want them to take, or what to do next to reach their desired goals, you could be leaving money on the table.

Adding a good lead capture form to your site with an incentive for visitors to fill out can help you gain access to valuable information like the visitor’s name, phone number, email, and whether they are buying or selling. With voluntarily given information from potential leads, you are now armed and ready with important details to start your relationship off on the right foot.

Most basic website platforms and builders have easy to use plugins available to make adding a form to your site quick and easy, often with no coding necessary. Be sure to add these forms all over your site, modified to match the needs of the site visitor according to which page of your site they are on. Incentivize your website traffic to fill out the form with a free offer or call to action. Retain all lead information for even more marketing opportunities later down the road.

Real Estate Website Lead Capture

Setup Your Facebook For Success

Almost every real estate agent and real estate agency is using Facebook to gain likes, fans, and post important information. Few are capturing leads from their page or growing their audience on Facebook to sell more properties.

Setup your page to gain leads by adding important buttons to your page’s menu bar. Add a “shop now” or “email” button directly on your page so that fans and visitors can easily take the next steps to becoming a client. Just posted an important article about potential savings for future buyers? Consider adding a “call now” button to your Facebook page to play on the urgency you’ve created.

Facebook Real Estate Marketing

Use Facebook advertising tools to reach current fans or gain new traffic to your page and put that new “shop now” button to work. Target your ads to Facebook users in your city, within a certain radius, or by zip code. Use images and target your ads using demographic, interest, or behavioral targeting methods to reach the right users. Facebook even offers an easy advertising option called Boosted Posts to help you advertise your popular posts to new audiences with limited setup and budget.

Facebook Marketing for Real Estate

Put Your Email List To Work

Now that your Facebook page and website are producing real email addresses from potential clients, you can utilize this list to re-engage cold leads or market to new ones. Keep careful inventory of your lead email addresses, segmenting by who you’ve contacted, had yet to contact, which leads are cold, and which are urgent. Having a segmented list allows you to write specifically crafted email copy and send them out in bulk to accomplish a certain goal.

If your email list is relatively small, you could likely copy an email template with professional design features and manually send out as necessary. If your email list is large, avoid ending up in the junk email folder of your leads by using an affordable email marketing service. These services usually provide drag and drop email templates or pre-made templates that make your emails looks professional and avoid being considered spam.

Use Search Engine Advertising (Pay-Per-Click)

This option definitely requires more budget and time than others on this list. Using search engine marketing advertising, or pay-per-click (PPC), for real estate is invaluable and requires a little knowhow to generate quality leads. Millions of searchers begin their internet experience by using Google or Bing to search for answers they are seeking. You can show ads for your business when someone searches for “homes for sale in my area”, or “who is the best realtor in my city?”. Google Ads and Bing Ads will help you target specific keyword searches in your defined geographic area and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, making it one of the better return on investment advertising opportunities available.

Search Engine Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Be warned, there are some specific skills necessary to make this work, and over time your PPC skills (and account) will improve. If you don’t have a set budget, or much time, try getting started with Google Ads Express to get your feet wet before jumping in. This is an easier to use alternative to the full blown, all capabilities version of Google Ads.

All-In-One Lead Generation Service For Real Estate

Don’t have time to do this all yourself? Have a small monthly budget available? Try an all in one lead generation, email marketing, advertising, and landing page creation suite from a company like Bold Leads. They take the hassle and the headache out of the time consuming digital marketing tasks that normally require large budgets. Best of all, they automate and produce leads for a small monthly budget!

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