6 Real Estate Lead Generation Companies That Are Actually Worth It

Are you in the real estate industry, looking for lead generation companies that are actually worth the investment? If so, you’re in the right place. As a real estate professional with over a decade of experience, I’m here to help you find the best lead generation companies that will provide you with the most bang for your buck.

This article is for real estate agents and brokers who are looking for the best lead generation companies that will help them find more qualified leads. I will provide an overview of the different types of lead generation companies, how to choose the right company for your needs, and which companies are the most reliable and effective. By the end of this article, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of which lead generation companies are actually worth your time and money. Let’s dive in!

What is the best real estate lead generation company?

We’re goin to look at some of the biggest real estate lead generation companies, analyze their strengths and what makes them different from the rest. In the end, it’s up to you to decide which company is right for you as agent or which lead gen provider could be right for your brokerage and team. *As you may understand, the industry changes quickly, we try to stay up to date with all the companies however please do your own research on top of this comprehensive analysis.

What Are Real Estate Lead Generation Companies And Services?

Real estate lead generation companies provide real estate agents with consistent, automated buyer and seller leads in their local areas, usually for a monthly fee or service charge. Lead generation companies usually offer extra services with their lead generation products, such as realtor branded website landing pages, lead nurturing CRMs, and some marketing services.

Do I Need A Lead Generation Company?

A good lead generation company can solve many different real estate needs while freeing up time for agents to focus on closing deals. They are perfect for those real estate agents who don’t have coding skills to make their own website or time to dedicate to learning the many facets of digital marketing and pipeline building.

No matter how good a lead generation service or company is, agents still need to perfect the things that close deals. Agents should continue to work on their follow up, funnel, and communication techniques to close deals, even after the leads start coming in.

Which Real Estate Lead Generation Company Is Right For Me?

There are many different lead generation companies and solutions available for real estate agents. All of which have different prices and solutions. Most importantly, not all provide quality leads or results, which is why we created this list. Instead of researching hundreds of options to meet all your needs, we’ve compiled the highest quality lead generation solutions with the most robust features, that are actually affordable and easy to use.

Some services require a lot of work up-front, and some, a lot of work further down the line. While one lead generation program might do everything for agents, others might prefer to be more hands on and do-it-yourself. The best way to figure out which is right for you, is to jump in and figure it out for yourself!

Move Up Real Estate’s Top Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

tldr; Find Which Is Best For You:

Lowest Cost: One Up Digital For Real Estate

Best “Out Of The Box”: BoldLeads

Best Use of AI: SmartZip

Branded IDX: Agent Locator

Best For Brokerages: MarketLeader

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Bold Leads

Bold Leads Real Estate Lead GenerationBold Leads (BoldLeads) is the top choice for real estate agents or agencies. They don’t just generate tons of buyer and seller leads, they generate high quality leads. On top of their stellar lead generation, they offer high converting lead capture landing pages that you can personally brand, design, and test. They provide free lead nurturing tools, such as email, texting, and voicemail, and they easily integrate with other CRM systems. The best “out of the box” lead generation product for beginners or experts, Bold Leads is easy to use, multifaceted, and also extremely affordable.

For an additional fee, BoldLeads also offers their Concierge service. This provides done-for-you lead follow up that can keep leads warm and even revive old leads that haven’t been touched in awhile.

Read our Bold Leads Review or visit their site.

One Up Digital Real Estate

One Up Digital Real Estate

One Up Digital isn’t a lead generation company like the others on this list. One Up is a powerful top of mind local advertising product. They help agents improve their branding, name recognition, reach, and frequency in a targeted zip code that often results in leads from name and brand recognition alone.

Some lead gen companies bring lots of low quality leads through deceptive and disguised tactics. One Up Digital takes the opposite approach by making sure agents are trusted, household names fresh in the minds of soon to be home buyers and sellers. This often leads to fewer leads but of much higher quality.

One Up Digital doesn’t offer any additional products like a CRM, IDX landing pages, or follow-up playbooks. But most lead gen companies on this list start at $399 – $899 a month, and require an additional ad budget of $300 or more. Ads start at only $99 per month for 10,000 branded impressions per zip code. Perfect for a sphere of influence presence, geographic farming, or the agents looking for something entirely done for them.

Read our One Up Digital Review or visit their site.

Agent Locator

Agent Locator Real Estate Lead Generation Company

Agent Locator generates leads and offers website, CRM, pay-per-click management, videos, and content marketing services. They generate most of their leads via their PPC management service through Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook. The one con, you have to purchase these services separately and pay monthly management fees on top of your setup and flat monthly fee. Agent Locator is better suited for single need solutions or agents with very specific needs for a certain price point.

Read our Agent Locator Review or compare to other lead generation solutions.



Listings2Leads (Listings to Leads) allows real estate agents to pay for a certain amount of leads per month on top of a variety of other services. They also do not charge a setup fee, and offer a 14-day free trial. If you’re on a budget, or looking for a specific number of leads, it’s worth a free trial that lasts up to 14 days.

Compare Listing2Leads to other lead generation solutions.



SmartZip (Smart Zip) is a powerful CRM solution for real estate agents, SmartZip’s Smart CRM is a great day to day tool for agents. It provides easy client tracking, daily action updates, and lead alerts. SmartZip’s included lead generation system works on “predictive seller” algorithms to determine when a person might be interested in selling their house in certain geos.

SmartZip uses “smart” technology that applies predictive and advanced audience targeting options that help bolster their product’s efficiency. Though this is a new technology, it sounds awful appealing.

Compare SmartZip to the best real estate lead generation tools.

Market Leader

Market Leader Real Estate Lead Generation

Market Leader offers a large suite of lead generation, marketing, and team tools. Most importantly, they offer IDX tools and support, making their websites perfect for the agent interested in an MLS first design for their website or selling techniques.

Compare Market Leader to other real estate lead generation solutions.

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