Make Real Estate Business Cards That Matter

real estate business cards

Real Estate business cards still matter and still work for networking, marketing, and growing your brand. What might seem primitive, outdated, or barebones, is still one of the most effective and low-cost options available to realtors today. So how does a real estate agent create business cards that actually work? Ones that don’t end up in the garbage can and make a lasting impression, just like a good old fashioned handshake. Here’s an easy way to get your business card to stand out amongst a pile of others.

Real Estate Business Cards

Believe it or not, business card technology has come a long way. There’s all kinds of different shapes and sizes, rounded corners, gloss finishes, gold foils, raised prints, and even microchip embedded cards. So, where do you begin? What works and what doesn’t? Here’s what we learned from asking real people about different business cards they received.

Tips For Real Estate Business Cards

You walk a fine-line between a real estate business card that intrigues and a business card that repulses.

  • Use A Single Font Style Throughout
  • Use Only Basic Information
  • Use One Differentiating Element (Size, Gold Foil, or Raised Print)
  • Thicker Cards Are Often Kept Longer & Are More Memorable
  • Using A Picture Of Oneself Is Good For Real Estate Business Cards
  • White Space Is Good!
  • Digital “Chipped” Cards Can Be Very Useful

2016 Is All About Simple Information

The most common thing people noted not liking about business cards they received was that there was simply too much information on them. Very few people are interested in your address or fax number anymore, if they need this information they likely already work closely with your business or can find it on the internet. Stick to the basic information: name, cell phone number, email address, and company name. That’s it.

2016 Isn’t About Your Father’s Business Cards

Most people surveyed liked simple information but also liked cohesive, complex design elements. By this, we mean they liked business cards that used one font throughout, and simple design elements. Gone are the days of a single solid color, people want to see splashes of extreme color and design in moderation. For real estate business cards, that means no clip-art, yes professional headshots of yourself.

Real Estate Business Cards

Business Cards In 2016 Are About Differentiation

People who received multiple business cards in the same day always mentioned one thing – the one card that was different. Cards with gold foil, raised print, increased thickness, and different shapes all had higher recall from those surveyed. Combining too many of these elements, say gold foil and extreme thickness on top of a smaller shape, can be detrimental. People often recalled these cards but for the wrong reasons.

What’s The Deal With Those Microchip Cards?

Business cards with microchips allow you to carry less business cards while providing more information to people you meet. You can program the chips inside the cards to initiate different “actions” when they are tapped against NFC enabled devices, such as automatically opening your homepage or adding the person to your social networks. Because so many business cards ultimately end up in the trash, you can simply open your information on someone’s phone with a simple tap of your business card and keep the card for yourself for later use. offers a powerful technology in their Business Cards+ programmable cards.

Real Estate Business Cards

Moo also offers 50+ pre-made real estate templates on their most popular business card types and they make it easy to your liking, so no deisng skills are required. They also offer premium business cards, like the Lux, which is ultra thick and hard for people to consider throwing away!

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