Agent Locator Review – Supercharged Lead Gen For Real Estate Pros

For the time being, they are primarily for Canadian real estate agents looking to increase their buyer and seller lead generation by providing sleek real estate agent websites and landing pages built on top of their CRM system. Along with their website/CRM solutions, they offer comprehensive services and features, including advertising, video marketing, and more.

Agent Locator’s CRM and Website Package

The main piece to the Agent Locator lead generation suite is its website design and landing page offerings, specifically built and designed on a branded basis and a lead generation optimized layout. They offer a custom-built or pre-made template for sites, allowing for flexibility and customization to each real estate agent’s needs, whether they want to do it themselves or get a one-of-a-kind website.

Agentlocator Targeted Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents

The Agent Locator CRM is bundled with every website/landing page package, which helps real estate agents attract, maintain, and understand their leads better. This improved pipeline management can be a real asset to the busy real estate agent.

Agent Locator Reviews UPDATE: Agent Locator now offers an updated website + CRM Solution – Lead gen IDX/vow website, branded IDX/vow website, and a robust CRM system with SMS & Dialer for $158.95/mo, and there is no contract required. The real estate marketing space is getting increasingly competitive, and Agent Locator has done an excellent job adjusting their pricing. They have also combined several of its products to offer a complete lead generation, lead nurturing, and advertising solution.

Agentlocator Automated Text and Email Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Additional Services and Products

On top of their website and CRM system, Agent Locator also offers further lead generation opportunities for additional monthly fees.

Their PPC management services, which provide complete PPC management on Google Ads, Bing, Yahoo, and more, start at $99 monthly and increase depending on your budget. Using the lead calculator on their site, a real estate agent can expect 20 tips for a $250 budget and a $99 management fee per month. However, they don’t specify whether these are buyer, seller, or both leads on their site.


All-in-one Local SEO for Real Estate Agents

If you’ve maximized your local SEO strategies or feel overwhelmed by the amount of work, our might be a good fit for you. They provide real estate agents with done-for-you local SEO strategies that include:

  • Backlinks
  • Local video SEO and creation
  • Geo-specific SEO content
  • Quality review generation
  • Shareable social media content

If you don’t have a website Move Up Real Estate provides one on top of local SEO, local advertising, and client communication tools. Great for new or experienced agents.

Agent Locator “Tag Marketing” is essentially remarketing list-building solutions that will help you re-engage previous visitors to your Agent Locator website. Remarketing serves ads only to people who have previously visited your site, typically using display ads. Remarketing offers a unique opportunity to reach previous visitors who generally are more engaged and familiar with your brand after their initial visit. Tag marketing starts at $50/mo for 100 to 300 unique monthly visitors and gets more expensive as traffic numbers increase.

Only currently available to realtors in the Toronto area, they offer custom video summaries of property locations and neighborhoods. Each video starts at $325 and is hosted on YouTube for agents to use as they please to market their inventory. There are two different video types available to agents from Agent Locator.

Agentlocator as a Real Estate Marketing Platform…?

To better understand your desired package’s cost, head over to their website and get a free consultation and demo with the Agent Locator support team. While you’re at it, compare the total cost of Agent Locator a-la-carte services and products to other real estate lead gen companies that offer similar services to Agent Locator. Check out the Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies and 6 Real Estate Lead Generation Companies That Are Worth It.

Is Agent Locator a scam?

No, Agent Locator is not a scam. You will find several legitimate reviews and social media posts about both the good and the bad of Agentlocator. However, any company that has been in business for 10+ years will have negative and positive reviews.

Who is Agent Locator?

Agent Locator

AgentLocator is a business that specializes in marketing and advertising for real estate agents in Canada and the USA. Agentlocator assists real estate agents in growing their client base by providing state-of-the-art software tools and systems to generate and convert real estate leads.

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