Real Estate Mailers – Affordable Alternative + Case Study

Real estate agents have long relied on the humble postcard mailer to advertise to homeowners through their mailbox. While the ROI from traditional print campaigns is debatable, one thing is not, the cost of EDDM, postcards, or real estate mailers have become progressively more expensive over the years and is no longer an ‘affordable option’ for the average agent.

Real Estate Mailers for Brand Awareness

Real estate postcards and mailers can be used to promote new listings, for branding oneself or to offer something free (home evaluation or neighborhood report). But the main goal of mailers is to keep an agent top of mind with potential home buyers and sellers, in hopes of generating future leads, prospects, or of course helping a client sell their home. Of course, postcard advertising has its place, but the ROI probably isn’t there.

Move Up Real Estate set out to find an alternative to mailers for real estate agents that could still target and reach our local sphere without breaking the bank. We put our money where our mouth is and took a real test drive after canceling our EDDM campaigns.

One Up Digital For Real Estate Agents

That’s why we recommend One Up Digital as a replacement to mailers for real estate agents. If your goal is to become a recognized and trustworthy name brand agent in your local area, you can’t find a better direct mail replacement.

For only $99/mo they guarantee 10,000 ad impressions in your chosen zip code. They run branding and listings campaign ads for you on Facebook, Instagram, Waze Maps, the display networks, and video platforms.

They handle everything from audience targeting to ad creative. All you have to do is tell them what you want to promote and where. You can choose up to 50,000 impressions per zip code or advertise 10,000 minimum impressions across multiple zip codes. This is a wonderful option for real estate marketing in various geographic farms or one sphere of influence.

While most mailers reach low-quality prospects one time before being thrown away, One Up Digital improves your reach and frequency with higher quality prospects that can easily become leads on your website. With digital advertising, you don’t have to waste spend by reaching every household, One Up Digital reaches the right online audiences in your areas multiple times. The more “touches” you have with people the more recognizable you become.

They also offer affordable addons to round out your digital marketing like remarketing ads and search ads if you’re more interested in lower funnel leads. By combining the three options, display ads, search ads and remarketing, you can build a nice local advertising funnel for far less than doing it yourself.

Real World Comparison & Results – Real Estate Agent Mailers vs. Digital Advertising

We canceled our monthly EDDM postcard mailers and switched to One Up Digital to see if there was a noticeable difference in branding, name recognition, and website visits. Typically, our postcards contain an image of one of our realtors, their information, and a big image of a house available in the area we are sending them. One Up Digital allowed us to maintain the same sort of agent branding in an area we were farming but online instead of on paper.

We spent $1699 to send 30,000 6.5 x 9 two-sided postcards to a zip code with a population of about 48,000 people in Michigan. The postcards were all delivered by August 10th (2019). We checked our website analytics from August 9th to August 31st and website visits did increase over July, but “Direct” website visitors only totaled 871. There’s no way to know if the postcards were the only source of these direct website visits. We don’t believe anyone called us from the postcards (we qualify phone leads by asking how and where they heard about us), and there was no uptick in Facebook page likes or leads from website.

In September, we spent $297 on the same zip code with One Up Digital and received 42,000 ad impressions, 2,101 site visits, and 3 form leads from their advertising (confirmed by their Dashboard results and our own Analytics account). We even had someone call and speak to one of our agents who said, “You’re the guy from the ads I see online!”. Though we can’t confirm this is directly attributed to One Up Digital’s branding ads, we added 5 additional Facebook page fans in September.

The Bottom Line

$1,402 less for a higher ROI in September with One Up Digital’s ad campaigns. Real estate agents interested in doing geographic farming or maintaining a foothold in a sphere of influence, check out One Up Digital. They provide a solid done-for-you product that covers all the major online ad platforms for one monthly fee. We hope that our test will help you find a solution that can bring you and your team an affordable, higher ROI alternative to real estate mailers and postcards.

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